Latest Project

Kenesjay Systems Limited was hired by the Energy Chamber of Trinidad and Tobago (ECTT) in 2019 to Evaluate the Approvals Process for Upstream Projects in Trinidad and Tobago. This includes: 

  • Understanding and process mapping the existing Trinidad &Tobago approvals process
  • Quantifying the revenue gain opportunity
  • Reviewing the global best practice examples of government approval processes
  • Recommending areas for T&T Approvals Process improvement
DeNovo Energy (DeNovo) commissioned Kenesjay Systems (KSL) to perform an Uptime study on Normally Unmanned Installations (NUI’s) on the Gas Fields in the upstream industry of Trinidad and Tobago The objective was to ascertain the uptime of DeNovo’s asset relative to other major T&T Upstream Operators

International Projects

KSL had a presence in Tanzania for almost 10 years. During this time KSL worked closely with the Ministry of Energy and Mines  (MEM) to help develop the over 50 tcf of undeveloped off-shore natural gas reserves. Accomplishments included


  • Developing a Gas Utilization Master Plan (GUMP) which went on to serve as the basis of national legislation
  • Leading a team of multi-ministerial individuals to develop the GUMP and other policies
  • Reviewing and revising existing signed agreements between the MEM and Government and Natural Gas Producers
  • Training and knowledge transfer to MEM employees in many arenas including, technical, legal, economical and financial
  • Evaluating social impacts both on a national and local level
  • Working with all levels of government including the Executive/Presidential 


  • Requested by the president of the semi-autonomous government of Zanzibar to develop energy master plan
  • Presence in Ghana for over 12 years
  • Explored possibilities at exclusive invitation of Ghanaian government to develop downstream aluminum industry, the first in over 50 years
  • Developed housing manufacturing possibilities in Tema region
  • Feasibility Study for Downstream Aluminium Project 
  • Proposal for the development of Master Plan for Domunli Industrial Estate – Ghana
  • Explored with the exclusive invitation by The Government of The Republic of Rwanda to evaluate potential of gas extraction and monetization of reserves found in Lake Kivu
  • Additionally, worked with international multi-lateral agencies to obtain data
  • Investigated with the exclusive invitation The Government The Republic of Uganda to evaluate potential of extraction, refining, and exportation of oil deposits found in The Homia District, next to Lake Albert
  • Worked directly with all levels of Government from Presidential to Ministerial 
  • Developed training programs for petroleum technical personnel for Makerere University
  • Development of a Petroleum Institute in Uganda
  • Investigated the possibility of LNG imports to the Dominican Republic along with new power generation located at site of LNG terminal
  • Worked with international investors, multi-lateral agencies, and regional governments (Organization of Eastern Caribbean States and Puerto Rico) to develop a natural gas pipeline sourced in Trinidad and Tobago
  • Invited by Government of Bolivia to develop Natural Gas Policies to benefit the national populace

Performed review of the Electric Utility. This included:

    • Fuel Supply System Review
    • Generation and Distribution Systems Evaluation
    • Tariff Structure Review and Evaluation
    • Evaluation Impact of System on Public and Key Players
    • Assess Competitiveness