Professor Kenneth S. Julien

Founded By Professor Kenneth Julien

Kenesjay Systems Limited (KSL) was founded in 1998 by Professor Kenneth S. Julien, with the prime objective of bringing together and making available to countries outside of Trinidad and Tobago a structured and coordinated pool of professionals, all of whom had played a significant role, under the leadership of Professor Julien, in the development of the natural gas energy sector of Trinidad and Tobago. This development, taking place in the very small country – Trinidad and Tobago has become widely known, and the “Trinidad and Tobago Model” of the Energy Sector has received international recognition in both financial, investment and technology sectors. Professor Julien provided the dynamic and visionary leadership that led to this dramatic story that continues to this day. A team of professionals form the core of KSL expertise. This team is supported by a network of experts in several fields of the energy and training sector and is immediately available to KSL on a Project by Project basis. This combination of resources, coordinated under the umbrella of KSL provides a unique skill set and experience in working in a developing country with energy resources.